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Hi Barkeeper!

To all restaurateurs, bartenders & barmaids: good that you found us. You would like to know more about Déjà-Vu, get advice or try out our new product? Then please get in touch with us.

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As a bartender or barmaid you are looking for news and inspiration?

Déjà-Vu is suitable for numerous aperitifs, highballs and cocktails.

Discover the diversity of our drinks for your drinks menu or let Déjà-Vu Tonic take you straight into the Orient.

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Bartenders face the challenge of combining consistent quality with new impulses.

For us, the focus is on outstanding product and advice quality. With our spirits and drink recommendations, we are constantly creating new impulses for your seasonal menu.

That is why we always support our bartenders / barmaids and gastronomy partners individually.

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As a guide for your guests, we recommend adding Déjà-Vu directly to a summer menu. We have created an aperitif menu for you. You can download and have it printed directly.

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We are happy to support the Déjà-Vu launch in your bar by providing you with images for your social media channel. Just follow the link and download the picture. Please tag us with 

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Did we convince you that our spirit is the ideal addition to your backbar? If not, please take another look at the detailed product information on Oriental Déjà-Vu.

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Barkeeper & Barmaids

Was genau sind Barkeeper oder wie sie auch genannt werden Bartender, was zeichnet die besten unter ihnen aus und welche Wege führen in diesen Beruf, der wohl zu den spannendsten der Gastronomie zählt


A bar would not be a bar without mixologists and their helpers. They mix our drinks with talent and profession and take us into a new breathtaking world of taste with every glass.


In short: mixologists stand behind the bar and prepare drinks for their guests. Their art is particularly evident in cocktail bars: They create the most delicious drinks from just a few ingredients and introduce us to exotic flavours of the world. They have a huge repertoire of recipes, mix according to our taste and make our bar visit an experience. Mixologists, bartenders, barmaids or barmen refer to the same profession in German gastronomy, while bartenders in English-speaking countries can also be bar operators.


Talented bartenders are not just experts in taste. Mixing and serving drinks is of course a central part of their job description, but the best bartenders stand out as good hosts. They are always attentive, have conversations with their guests and advise them on the choice of drink. They always keep an overview as well as all running orders in mind, over many hours at a time. And when the situation allows, they put us on a real bartending show.


In theory everyone can become a bartender. There is no official state-recognized training, but instead there are courses or private cocktail schools. Many bartenders find their way into the profession by coincidence and stay because they are born hosts and fall in love with the world of cocktails.

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