Déjà-Vu is the story of a memory which has not yet been written. This is our story:

Our Déjà-Vu: Never has distance felt more far away, company stranger and time spent with best friends more valuable.
In times like this, when we feed on distant memories, we long for the exotic colours of the markets in Marrakesh, for the scent of a cooling ocean breeze and for vast far away landscapes, embodied in a refreshing cocktail.

As a memory of his voyages to foreign countries our Master Distiller composed a „Diary of the Spices and Flavours of the World“ that he encountered, which he combined to create a sophisticated Aperitif, with an aroma and scent that reminds you of a day in a faraway land.

A spirit, that unites the tastes of the world as an homage to the different cultures on earth.

Déjà-Vu Reise im Flugzeug Déjà-Vu Heimatbild


Hundreds of years ago explorers, for example the hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort travelled the seven seas. Their ocean voyages separated them for months from foreign countries and cultures. Still nowadays we are fascinated by the thoughts of those times, and we travel the world searching for new impressions (inspirations) and memories.

Déjà-Vu is the memory that still lies ahead of us. These are all the great, fundamental discoveries that have no place in any history books, but belong only to us. Déjà-Vu cannot be located, restricted or limited.

 An aperitif with everything a good drink needs: body, texture, refinement and lightness.
Its unique and refined flavors will convince even the finest palates. As a sophisticated starter for lunch or relaxed after-work cocktail it opens the gates to the world. Our aperitif combines ingredients from the heart of Europe with elements from the most remote corners of the world.

A stimulating aperitif celebrating the essence of faraway countries. Discover Déjà-Vu.

Déjà-Vu is the aperitif to break boundaries and discover the world spontaneously. Discover the essence of faraway countries.  

The unique Aperitif

 Deep in the heart of the Spirits Valley in French Charente-Maritime you can find the small craft ‘Distillerie Traditionnelle de la Seugne’, where spirits of the highest quality have been distilled since the 19th century. This is the origin of the premium wine destillate for Déjà-Vu. For this aperitif the aromatic grape varieties Ugni Blanc and Colombard are destilled in small copper stills over an open fire, similar to Armagnac or Cognac. The elaborate double destillation results in an especially balanced taste profile, which is characteristic for the Eaux-de-vies of that traditional establishment.

Déjà-Vu Tonic Aperitif

Oriental Déjà-Vu

An unobtrusive French wine distillate provides the base for Far Eastern citrus flavours, a hint of hot ginger and oriental spices.

The spirit Oriental Déjà-Vu is the stylish starter to a magnificent menu. As exciting spicy aperitif it mixes elegantly with champagne or white wine.

It is just right for everything that might still happen this evening.

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